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Noob questions RA1

Major Mayhem

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Hello, everyone. I like to play RA1 and modify rules.ini, but with my primary tool being Notepad i have very little knowledge of RA1 inner structure. Recently i was unable to make some changes, so i hope to find help here. The issues so far:

1) Is there a way to make Spy to attack only when ordered to, like Tanya? When i give him a gun he goes berserk , shooting everyone regardless if guard mode is active or not. Putting 0 in GuardRange don`t seem to have any effect.

2) Speaking of Tanya, is there a way to make it so that only one can be made per player?

3) Is it possible to make so that Chinook won`t land on Helicarrier? It is tedious to remove it and leads to a bug when Chinook is landed on water. If there is infantry on board you can release it, but it simply disappears.

4) Is there any way to make Sonar pulse a support power tied to naval yard, like paratroopers to airfield? And is it possible to get parabombs in MP?

5) How to make building invisible on radar, like walls?

6) Any possibility to turn MP nuke into its more powerful and flashy SP counterpart?

7) is there a way to make Chrono vortex or Time quake to appear more ferquently, but only when chronosphere is damaged to a certain point?

Sorry for bad English, it is not my native language.

I tried to find answers and modding tools elsewere, but with no success.

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Well, i finaly found out how to activate parabombs. That`s a progress. Anyway, ParabombsinMultiplayer wasn`t part of original code, is there a way to change other parameters like that? Any tools? XCC maybe?

P.S. I guess i should have posted it in Modding, but i wasn`t familiar with the site at that time.

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Set GuardRange=.1 for the spy. Any positive value should work.

You can add codes ParabombsinMultiplayer just to your map/ini. I'm not sure which of the new ones actually are supported by the cncnet version, e.g. new units are not enabled for stability reasons.

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