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How do I use C&C95's 1.06c winter terrain in ccmap?


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Okay, I get that. The last thing I wanna know is crates. ccmap has two kinds: brown (money) and gray (unknown what it does). Rules.ini does not have an option to change crate prizes by default. How can I change the crates so that the gray crate offers a health bonus instead of whatever it does now?


EDIT: In the modname.ini file, what do I need to put? I get a reference memory error even with it in the mix file. My mod is simply a replacement of the Jurrasic Park Campaign item, and doesn't replace anything in the game itself. Just has new missions. All I have in the ini file right now is this:



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ehh... why did you make it into a mod in the first place? Adding campaigns to the new missions menu is 100% unrelated to modding. I think you've been reading the wrong section of the manual. It's section "4.5. Addon campaigns" under Notes on the new options.

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You're not making much sense... the Jurassic campaign is 100% unrelated to the modding system. Missions don't even need to be in a mix file to work. And ANY mixfile starting with "sc" is read as addon ever since v1.18 of the DOS version. To compare, the original C&C95 release, v1.04, is built on the the last DOS C&C patch, which was v1.22. So C&C95 has always had this system. "sc*.mix" to add files, "ss*.mix" to remove files.


Here's the section on minicampaigns from the 1.06c readme:

4.5 Addon campaigns:

As you may have read already, the Funpark campaigns are offered as one item that offers all 5 dinosaur missions. This is made possible by the addon campaigns system implemented in the New Missions menu.


Command & Conquer missions are of a general format that's basically SC(enario)[sIDE][NUMBER][East/West][A/B/C]. For example, SCG04WB is GDI mission #4, West side of the map, choice B.


The New Missions menu doesn't have the variety of alternates that the campaign has though; only missions ending on EA are used.


To put these extra endings to use, 1.06c contains a system that will make Covert Operations missions automatically look for the next alternative after finishing a mission. This means SCG20EA will continue to SCG20EB, then to SCG20EC, etc. It will continue until no more missions are found.

The full list of all alternates has been expanded too though. 1.06c can have up to 15 missions on each mission number this way. The ending letters are:



As for the crates, if you remember the original campaign, steel crates are just used as "objective to capture", and nothing more. the only thing they do is play the little blue ball animation when you pick them up. In missions, the only way to make them do anything is by placing a celltrigger on the same cell as the crate.

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