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Max and Matt VS Ankarar and Gunman FFG PRO Games


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Hello again!

Yesterday, I streamed new 2vs2 FFG pro series. Now, our heroes are: team of Matt and Max, that already known by viewers of my stream, wasnt their first appearance. And, their opponents are: team of GunMan and Ankar. 

This video differ's from original replay of the stream. During broadcast, Ankar went AFK, and GunMan played some games teamed up with Zhasulan. Here, you can see all games of Ankar and GunMan straight, I did a little montage, and games with GunMan teamed up with Zhas are in other video on my channel.



If some one wants to get streamed, you can write right there. Would be interesting to stream 1v1-th, 2v2-th.  Its not really required to be very PRO, but at least you have to be good player, or you have to hate the person you challenge, sometimes it can be more appreciated :D

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