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Happy Xmas from the C&C Communications Center!


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By Norwegian tradition Xmas is celebrated on December 24th, this is common for many of you. However Xmas presents are opened late on the 24th rather than on early on the 25th.


Therefore I present the Xmas release of our Tiberian Sun Installation program!




New in Xmas release!

The missing or corrupt DLL error has been fixed by setting Windows 98/Me compatibility mode and run as administrator on game.exe during the installation.


The "serial already in use" issue has been fixed by generating random sets of numbers in the games registry entries. (thanks Nyerguds)



This is a installation program created from the freeware release of Tiberian Sun + Firestorm.


This was created as an easier alternative to the official EA release. This does the entire freeware TS installation process automatically and in a better way and it includes bonuses like the manual and a map editing program.



  • Applies necessary registry entries in to the system registry
  • Option to install the Westwood Online Shared Internet Components
  • Gives you the option to apply a UDP LAN patch to enable LAN play on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP
  • Generates random sets of numbers as serials to avoid problems in LAN play
  • Includes the map editor FinalSun
  • Includes both the original and firestorm manuals in PDF format
  • Includes all icons from the game discs (Nod, GDI, Nod/GDI, CABAL)
  • Includes the Tiberian Sun windows themepacks
  • Allows you to choose if you want to download the ingame cut scenes or not (1.35 GB)


Tested and fully functional on:

Windows XP 32-bit

Windows Vista 32-bit

Windows 7 32-bit

Windows 7 64-bit


Click here to download

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Gives you the option to apply a UDP LAN patch to enable LAN play on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP


Note for the peaple who still plays old games in Windows 98/ME computer: To use this patch, you will need KernelEX, Or just delete the WSOCK32.DLL, but it will disable the UDP patch


Merry chrismas

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To be fair, though. These were classic games, but are now modern updates of the classic games made to work on modern operating systems.


It's nice that you can get them to work, but it's not what they're designed for.



On another note, why are you taking such a huge risk as to run windows 9x? They've got more holes than Swiss cheese (They've not received any updates since 2006). There's plenty of exploits to gain control of a Win9x machine that don't even need you to do anything on your computer, You can literally just turn it on and it could get infected. I guess the one consolation is because the market share of windows 9x is less than 0.01%, not many attackers will be targeting them...


Not what I was talking about but still a classic example of why you should move to modern operating system:


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AFIK, there's an unnofficial fix for it in MSFN.


There is an similar issue for Windows 2000/XP, Remember the 5x Shift? who does that is an program...


You will need:

An Linux disc IF the file system is NTFS, if it is FAT32, an boot disk is engoth.

Delete SethC.EXE

copy the CMD.EXE and rename for SethC.exe, and move to system32.

on the logon, press 5x shift.

Congratulations, you are in the Command Prompt, now, only use a command for change the Admin password, and you are inside the system...



I ran a Classic OS in a Classic PC and plays a classics games! i do not use Windows 98 on the computer connected with the internet! the computer who raws it is an Cyrix MII 250MHz!


[edit agan]

We broken the 3° strict rule! "-Hacking." should Irony put a warn in himself and in me?

Split?? :P


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