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Tunnel Server Purple-Horizon-Clan.net German#02 Red Alert 2

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the tunnel server should be fixed i have reinstalled/changed the server and the ip: and have reinstalled the cncnet-tunnel.exe (debian)

Lg Saengerkrieg12


Edited by saengerkrieg12

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Seems like there is still no response from the server (port UDP/TCP 50000/50003 blocked?)


But things got worse, the following two servers are also broken now (Yesterday they worked)

Germany Purple-Horizon-Clan.net Germany#01 v3 0 / 200 OK
Germany Purple-Horizon-Clan.net Germany#02 v3 0 / 200 OK


50001/50002 UDP seems to be blocked too

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13 minutes ago, saengerkrieg12 said:

the ports should be open again (50000 and 50003)



Still all 4 not working :(


The ip from your screenshot doesn't match any of the servers BTW

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Yep, it does work now indeed


Thanks again for helping out with the servers!

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      try the tunnel server now i changed the port and hopfully fixed the problem.
      with kind regards
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