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I have a problem with maps


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I have a problem with maps
I have two copies of Red Alert 2
The first one is old and has many maps and it does not work online
The second one is played online but has few maps
I have inside in the first version

A map I love very much and has many boxes


map name




I did not find them anywhere on the Internet
When I move that map to the second version it works fine
But when playing online
A message appears
My copy is old and must be updated

Can anyone help me to play on that map online?
thank you

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10 hours ago, Lud0wig said:

That's a mod, with a custom gamemode called "Crate War", what exactly do you want to do?

You are saying the name of the map exactly 

I want to put it in my version to play online
It is version 1.006

Because when I put it in that version It work well  ofline
But when I play online message shows that my copy is old
You must update that version
Thank you

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8 hours ago, YosefAnan said:

Yes the maps inside file! 

If you want to extract all maps from this file you need mixer editor.

download it from link

After you extract maps take them to game folder to play them.
if you want to play Yuri make sure if they not show in game to convert them to yrm extension because red alert 2 map extension is mpr. 

I did
  As you said 
But I could not find the map I wanted and found other maps :)

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Dude, Deezire is a mod which has a game mode called crate war, where you get many boxes.

The Official Tournament Map is a standard map, Just the mod makes it so lots of boxes show up. You can find and play the same map on CnCNet except without so many boxes.
But you can't play it with so many crates showing up unless you mod the map or somebody decides to add a crate war mode to CnCNet. :D

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  • 2 years later...

I too seem to remember this mod and tried to at least reinvent part of the wheel.  I failed, but I did at least get the GameMode to show up, the maps to show up, but it seems that that INI rules are either being overrode, or outdated.  Any comments?



I extracted the maps (using Mixer) from the Red Alert 2 DeeZire Version: V8.0 mod from where sherifbakr had shown.  I found 23 maps (which I haven't compared to see what there relevance was).  I also did not find any maps that were explicitly marked as "Crate War" so I can't tell if a Crate War map is unique.  

I'm not sure how DeeZire organized the map naming, nor how he was able to associate it with a certain game mode.  Nonetheless, I went through and gave the maps names associated with the file name and updated them to .map extension.  You'll find them attached below.

I then found the INI file associated with Crate War (mpcrate.ini).  I put that in the \Command and Conquer Red Alert II\INI\Map Code directory, mimicking other Map Codes.  

Next, and importantly, I had to explicitly enumerate them in MPMaps.ini  by adding these three entries: An entry to reference the mpcrate.ini, an entry in the [MultiMaps] section, and then providing the details as shown below (which you can find in each .map file).  

[Crate War]
CustomIniPath=INI\Map Code\mpcrate.ini
ForcedSpawnIniOptions=Crate WarForcedSpawnIniOptions
[Crate WarForcedSpawnIniOptions]
287=Maps\Yuri's Revenge\CrateWar\4_crater_woods

[Maps\Yuri's Revenge\CrateWar\4_crater_woods]
Description=[4] Crater Woods
Author=Westwood Studios
GameModes=Crate War

In this example, I took a map called 4_crate_woods and put the map in a folder Command and Conquer Red Alert II\Maps\Yuri's Revenge\CrateWar.  To note, I could not put a map in the Custom map folder and just add Crate War to the GameMode.  

After that, I had a Crate War game mode.  I had maps there.  I tired Skirmish...no dice.  I did the same on another computer and then I even played an Online Match, but alas, no Crate War rules.  The game played, but the rules were not being followed.  

Any insights?  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Caveat:  Since I altered the MPMaps.ini, Online Matches don't work if you don't have the same setup.  Which then, I presume, any update to Yuri will erase these entries.  That's no problem, but for anyone trying this, it is only temporary unless the CNCNET Gods deem this a worthy addition.  No maps are proven, so I make no claim to that.  So, I was mostly curious if anyone was able to look at the mpcrate.ini or my process to determine where the rules are not being properly implemented.  

Thanks again!

mpcrate.ini deez.7z

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