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  1. The website appears to be down at the moment but you can download the mod on their Mod DB page. You can also join their Discord server if you're into that kind of stuff
  2. Open RA2MD.ini located in your YR directory and add PrivacyPolicyAccepted=True under [Options]
  3. I see, it must be a bug in the XNA build which I guess is what the client launcher starts automatically Try running clientdx.exe from the Resources directory and let me know if you get any errors
  4. Try changing the language for non-Unicode programs to Russian Go to Start -> Settings -> Time & Language -> Language then select "Administrative language settings" under "Related settings" A new Region window will pop up and it looks something like this: Select "Change system locale..." and change it to Russian: Press OK then select "Restart now"
  5. The issue has been fixed in 5.4 (released just a few hours ago)
  6. Hey, take a look here: https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/20255-ra2yr-language-pack/
  7. Try to repair the latest .NET Framework 4.x.x version you have installed and make sure you have the latest updates installed
  8. Lud0wig

    YR Client ban bug

    You can't join any game if you tried to join a game where you previously got banned. The only way to join games again is to create your own game and then join other games or restart the YR Client https://youtu.be/xb9aXZJVmlY
  9. Place ore refineries/Slave Miners as close to ore as possible
  10. No cheats for you ^^ Seriously, try to play the game without any CE scripts/cheat tables and stuff like that, it's much better and the game is fun anyway. If you can't switch around applications via alt + tab, just use a different render.
  11. In case you wanna do a language patch, all the files for RA2/YR you'd need should be in this topic Yes, take a look here
  12. +1 I think your problem was that you didn't train enough infantry ^^ On a serious note, play QM or against others online, or do the campaign, you'll have a better view of what to use, how and when.
  13. FReQ, I'm sure you can write your opinions/suggestions without crossing the line, in a decent manner...
  14. No because "the best player ever" doesn't exist, I could name a bunch of good active players, but that would be off topic.
  15. There is no "best player ever".
  16. It's too obvious? Lmao
  17. He couldn't care less lol
  18. That's why they claim to offer support for Windows XP and on my XP Pro x64 machine it always gives a BSoD when I run/uninstall it and had to do a system restore to get rid of it, let alone that it's simply horrible when it comes down to CnCNet YR/MO, it's a joke in general. Want free solutions? Bitdefender offers one already I can't help stubborn and close minded people, sorry, maybe you can.
  19. That's quite a lot. Keep in mind that you'll have to download BOTH 32-bit and 64-bit IF you have a 64-bit OS.
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