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Not being able to build units


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When the last factory is destroyed. But rebuild.

I had this issue with the barracks, the factory, the hon, airfield and helipads.
No doubt, it is possible with the CY.

When selling your, whatever it is. And rebuild it again. The bug might be gone. But this doesn't always work.

Is there anything that I can do about this?
Losing in an unfair way makes me angry. Especially when the opponent is actually being honest, so that it is unfair to blame the guy.

I keep track of people that I play with.
I noticed that I got this bug more often with certain people that have a slight, jitter/packet loss, to me. But the thing is, with some, this doesn't happen at all. While their jitter/packet loss is higher than average.

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My record says only 9 times.
I am pondering, if this is enough to accept the corresponding numbers as a trend.

One time, selling the building wasn't enough. This was with the orca's.

No one else out there who had this issue?

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