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Momma said punch you out!


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Why have I never seen nor heard of these frames of animation? They really interesting ones start at frame 338. The standard infantry has frames for:


  • Throwing down his weapon to start a little fisticuffs
  • Getting shot to death while unarmed
  • Getting melee'd to death in melee mode
  • Randomly freaking exploding!
  • Getting blown away by an actual explosion
  • Stop, drop, and... dead.


Is this common knowledge and I'm just that slow?






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It was a feature cut from the Beta version of the game, Its not to well known but old news if you ever look threw the cnc files.


IMO its pretty cool and ashame it wasnt implemented (micro managment would have surely been needed or codding so they units only attack other inf using fists within x squares of each other)


i recall something to do with the age ratting or computer perforance being a factor in there removal

(I should realy start researching this stuff again, it was great fun see what could of been)

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Ehh, the death animations are all used. They just depend on what kind of weapon infantry is killed with. High-explosives (rocket launcher, guard tower machine gun) give the splatter one, tank cannons give the blown away one, flame weapons give the burning one, and light weapons give the falling down one.


The hand-to-hand combat wasn't just removed, it was never really implemented, from what I can see inside the engine.


The reason why should be obvious... don't bring a knife to a gunfight. Further proof of this:

Indiana Jones

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