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making a mod for RA2/Yuri for singleplayer and Lan


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Hello, im currently trying build my own mod but i cant get any changes into my game as long as i start with the cnc net launcher. I've tried replacing the spawner.xdp with the rules.ini including changing the name but i cant find the MainClient.ini in my Resources folder. Do i need a custom .exe file? I feel like theres a simple solution im missing :(

I would appreciate some help if anyone knows the answer.

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Hello again.

Ive made a lot of changes to the game for certain maps already and so far im really happy with it. Unfortunately i found out that i cant add cameos for single maps only. Is there a way for me to add cameos to the game after the "art.ini" doest exist like that anymore? Ive tried working with the spawner.xdp but i didnt find a way to change art that way.

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OH. start by getting XCC utilities and use XCC mixer, it will let you open the archives of the game and also view the contents in them. conveinently enough anything you "extract" and put into the ra2 directory takes precidence over default files in the .MIX archives so its fairly easy. test it out with rules.ini from local.mix inside of ra2.mix or if its yuris revenge rulesmd.ini inside of localmd.mix inside of ra2md.mix. it may sound complex but once you lay eyes on it you will understand just how stupidly easy it is to mod ra2.

im not sure about LAN though you may need to copy the mod on both computers or make a modded map or somthing to get that to work.

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Hey, sorry for another question but theres one problem i have.

If i extract .mix files like the cameo.mix in the RA2 directory it automatically has a higher priority  just like you told me and it works fine. But if i extract rulesmd.ini, changing it only works if i start the game with origin instead of cnc net.

Some help would be cool since i really dont know how to solve this. 


And since im asking already, theres another minor problem i managed to work around though. i used XCC Mix Editor to insert the new files into cameo.mix since XCC Mixer wont let me copy images INTO a .mix file, even though in a tutorial and the guide it seems to work. Thats not that important right now though.



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individual files will work from a directory. maps files, cameo files, ini files, animation files, whatever. if you want to save directory space and compile your own mix or edit one you have to use XCC Mix editor, xcc mixer is just for extracting/viewing stuff.

now i never play multiplayer but one would think cnc net just plain wouldent be able to work like that if not everyone is using the same set of files, hence the modding maps to play a mod since the mod itself is the shared file of the map

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