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Border Jump New Style of playing


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This is my 3rd border jump map. its the old Border Jump 3 map modified. I made the first Border Jump years back. i plan to make another1 that limits the money for the people that like to play old school.You have to build your way to the other teams side of the map to destroy them. This eliminates rushes.. You have to learn the best ways to build to your enemies base before you can rip it apart. I have been playing it for the last couple days and been getting good responses. I noticed a few people loading the map to play after i was done, so its fun and addicting. Give it a try before you judge the map..  

ps before play, pick your team- A or B and then pick your side of the map your team will be playing on. North or South.. Then destroy your enemies..Ill see you on the battle field. I go by "Ant"




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The real time strategy begins when you make it to the middle of the map.. you must figure out the best way to get past the borders and into the enemies territory while keeping them out of your space.. Be aware of air strikes because the walls will not stop air attacks... Ill upload a video of my friends and i playing the map sometime.. Give it a go and please give me some suggestions on what you would like to see out of Border Jump 4. Thanks, ANT

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