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China's King of Heck Tournament


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Dear All:

  A traditional china's RA2 Original  tournament, King of Heck, which identifies the best player on map Heck Freeze, is going to start on next month. July. So far, there have been more than 100 attendees. We expect and welcome players from all over the world to participate this tournament. Here are some information about this tournament: 


    Champion:  10000 RMB (1500$)

   2nd           : 5000 RMB (750$)

   3rd           :2000 RMB  (300$)

   4th            :1000 RMB (150$)

   5-8th        : 200 RMB (75$)

 *The given numbers in USD are just estimated, The final prize would float due to exchange rate and transferring charge. 


   July 10th --- July 30th. this would change according to the future situations. 

   Games are mainly held in 6:00 pm-1:00 am Beijing Time Zone, for the tournament is sponsored by a china's streaming website. 


 ---- One can only participate with one account. 

---- No limits on laming(alting, engi..etc ). Auto-clicker is allowed (an extension allowing player make multi tanks with one click)

---- Watching streaming during games is also legal in the tournament (because it is hard to verify whether the players watch or not, and top players all think watching the streaming doesn't contribute to the games much). 

Game Platform:

    QQ BattleZone, which most of XWIS players might know, is the main sever for the tournament games; Ra2ol, a cncnet-like server, would also be optional.

  ** I asked about the possibility of playing on international servers like CNCNET and XWIS if the games are lagging, but the hosts of the tournament don't seem to like this idea. I hope  that all games can be smooth, and we would all work on that. 

If you are interested in this tournament, message me(Linfeng) or ZXCV in CnCnet lobby or discord or email to RA2Ca[email protected]. You can also pm me if you have more questions.

Don't leave unfriendly comments here, thanks. 



     Moon3 has won the champion again!

Edited by Linfeng
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