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  1. Legolas

    Tier Ranks

    idk about TS but that didn't work well in the YR community
  2. getting ranks in a manipulated ladder where someone pushes with 10 nicks daily doesn't seem to be a feat to me either
  3. you have enough nicks to play yourself and keep the qm active who cares
  4. i don't check forums often i just saw a link to Andy saying bullshit in forums so i came here to disprove his lies. imo, map pool for ladder should be in a way that all 3 factions (allied,sov,yuri) would have the same amount of favoring maps. having a lot of maps that favor a certain faction will make players of other factions lose interest in the qm and hence it becoming inactive. But that is not to say that any faction is unbeatable on any map. it can be harder but not impossible. when we're talking about tournament games, we're looking for the best player in the game that can adapt to play against any faction as any faction on any map. i i think as long as there's a legit map pool there shouldn't be a single veto for anyone(which atm qm map pool doesn't look bad except for a few maps)
  5. the best player should always out play others, regardless of the map
  6. except all the maps in the pool were qm maps
  7. in ffa games, i think it is just normal for everyone to attack the strongest guy first, which means that spot shouldn't be left alone to camp up and get stronger. it's kinda inevitable to leave him alone and lose in the end
  8. andy making brainwash institution nice
  9. having tabs is great and the way it's divided in ra2 and YR( 4 tabs) is again an excellent thing to have a fast rsg
  10. any game that you're creating, i hope you'll take a look at the balanced factions aspect of it. also better graphics plz
  11. why do you want to attack his army directly anyway? attacking from 2 sides and overwhelming his army would workout the best since his tanks' turrets will always be moving and will buy you time. in a direct fight though there can be different cases still. if your battle is like 5 griz and 5 rhinos vs 5 griz and 5 rhinos then the team who has the better micro will win. it's not about which tanks you use as shield for other tanks. with each group of tanks you got you try to micro very well and try to shoot at 1 of his tanks with a group of 1-5 tanks while you're not letting him hit yours.the thing i'm saying though needs real tank control skills.there is always a risk to lose more than you kill if you're not making the right choices. when you're talking about a group of like 20 rhinos and 20 grizzlies vs 20 rhinos and 20 grizzlies, still you can't use any of them as a shield for the other for a perfect reason: range. your tanks won't be able to shoot from a far distance when there is like 3-4 tanks in front of them to the first enemy tank(even rhinos) so the best thing to do in this case is to divide your tanks in 2 groups and overwhelm him from 2 sides or at list make a formation a tanks that is long in length and short in width to maximize the range bonus and to make sure his box of tanks(if they are) have a turret which is constantly turning around for shooting. finally it's good to move around their tanks with yours so you can dodge some hits but be aware not to go as far where his tanks will get out of your tanks' range and he'll gain the advantage of number per each shot. hope this tips from a mediocre player help
  12. my whole participation in this tournment would be conditional on whether i find a good mate for myself or not but my answers are as following: Q)Yes Q)No Q)No Q)Yes Q)15 to 20
  13. you can't judge anyone by observing their games. i've played both players and i can surely say that matt is better. @Luciferhey what's up?
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