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  1. Legolas

    Clan mate

    idk you brah who are you? Btw what's going to be the clan name? @Kikematamitos
  2. Legolas

    Clan mate

    nothing to find out from a clueless man
  3. Legolas

    Clan mate

    what is so funny about that ? 😥 ok just tell me when you're ready to start
  4. Legolas

    Clan mate

    hi there, i want a clan mate for doing the hard&fun 2v2 games. who is down?
  5. Legolas

    The "Who is...." topic.

    shogun is zigzag. hello is a random player who used to play cm too before qm( i think he still does). no idea about his past tho.
  6. ofc that's about tc and map control. that's why you don't always win the game if you have more tanks.
  7. a question: is ra2 and YR just tank spamming and making sw if we put away seals and engis? if you think so, just quit the game today.
  8. basically that's why i don't want to play you. you lack skill and want to use ivan slea etc every game so that you could fill your skill gaps with them. i can use them too, but i don't. do you know why? because this game is already 20 years old and its one of the most simple strategy games ever created.that suggests that i don't need shit like seal ivan engi etc to win a game while the game without would take 10 minutes maximum. you can use them for as long as you want but i won't play a game until i feel its fun to do. wouldn't like to see each game ending in less than 4 mins while the only unit i need to use is a seal.
  9. if multi engi and no dog engi kills would be on this can be solved to very high degree imo. not many people would like to engi anymore.
  10. Legolas

    Lets talk about noobs

    the thing you're talking about happens so rare imo. when you ask a noob if he's good or not, the chances to say "fuck you" is 80%. most of these guys don't want to improve really.besides, most don't even know how to talk properly. it's easy to see if a player wants to improve or not by simply seeing how they talk and how they react after losing. if they'd be eager to learn and become better, there are many of us who could help by letting them observer good games and doing 1v1s with them later on.the truth is most people(like me) don't want to spoil their fun games by letting some noobs to play in them so we think that letting them obs will suffice. and now here rises another problem. when you let some of these guys to obs game and learn, the game becomes laggy sometimes and they wouldn't leave the game because of their own(idk what) reasons. this is another problem with letting the noobs in games when you're not sure if you're going to have ggs with other guys or not. some of the people i know that were noob once and became better over a few months are CekaJ, serbia and some others that i might have forgotten their names.(i haven't been here long myself probably about a year but still i know some of these guys who were eager to learn and they did) so as an overall result of my opinion, 1st noobs should be willing to learn the game themselves first. 2ndly, we could give them opportunities to learn but not at cost of ruining our own games.
  11. Legolas

    jaylib aka JSDS dc

    i don't even remember the last time i played at xwis lul. also i had only 1 account at xwis which was not obviously Legolas. and if you still think you're too good, we can arrange some 1v1s.
  12. Legolas

    jaylib aka JSDS dc

    this is what happens when you want to talk to some people appropriately. you don't even know who i am and what's my skill level so keep it down for now. i don't want to prep. instead of arguing with a lot of people in the community that dog vs dog is not really interesting, i just stopped playing qm. i was suggesting jaylib to do the same of he feels like me.
  13. Legolas

    jaylib aka JSDS dc

    jaylib don't play qm if you hate lamers. there are so many of them these days. also some of the players who might known as "pro" do so too when they are losing.
  14. Legolas

    jaylib aka JSDS dc

    is that guy js? lol
  15. Legolas

    Unable to update client

    sry about my earlier post. you should reinstall cncnet not yuri which you can find it in the cncnet forums' main page.