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  1. YR & RA2 mode, what needs updating!

    it is possible to mine for your ally in both YR and ra2 mode(unless you don't have any refs which is the same in the original ra2)
  2. YR & RA2 mode, what needs updating!

    in red alert 2 when you have a damaged vehicle and your ally has a depot, you can select your damaged vehicle and then click on the depot so that it would repair your vehicle. in YR however(and ra2 mode) you can't do the same. i.e you can't repair your vehicle with a depot unless it is yours.
  3. Unanimous Change

    making eagles shoot 2 times(with half of the previous strength in each shot) is what korea really needs.thank you very much for the idea martin. i think no one would argue having that change in korea(to make it more useful against flaks because it makes them harder to dodge)
  4. OldSchool Clanner

    hard to find pro players at any time you want. you should try catching up with the guys when the client's activity is at it's peak.
  5. When ra2 mode is finished and the best thing after ra2

    john no one cares about ra2 in cncnet really. mabye a few people like martin do but if you'd expect them to finish ra2 mode, it's going to take long as there aren't many people working on it.
  6. Unanimous Change

    no one is going to take iraq when russia/lybia has a machine shop. so the svs thing is not going to be changed at all. p.s. if russia would take stronger tanks than other soviet factions, the thing above is going to happen again. no one will take other factions in svs and the vanilla Xtank vs Xtank will continue.
  7. Lets talk about noobs

    i can record through pc with bandicam. what's your problem?
  8. Lets talk about noobs

    this is a good idea.we need to put together videos of pro sov/allied/yuri players and explain what they do in very small details.but after doing so, the forums admins should support this youtube channel and give it a very big highlight as its one of the biggest things that might happen this old game in the recent years.people whom have youtube channels might want to link this tutorial channel in their channels too so that we would have a growing number of viewers and as a result more good players. a point to notice here is that they need to be fun to watch.if not, people would rather watch the videos in channels like kike,bryan vahey, etc and enjoy their commentaries and fun scenes(no offense towards these guys but they're really not in the level to give others a right point of view to the pro aspect of this game).
  9. Lets talk about noobs

    it would be great if all(or most)of the other noobs would think like quix...there are some people who chose to play pro games rather than games like toe but still they are not so many.probably less than 20 over a year.
  10. Lets talk about noobs

    you call 15 mins to get a game through qm client long? lols. call it hours
  11. Unanimous Change

    the only foolish thing here is that you think MO is a balanced game. name me a few balances you think that are superior to YR current condition(obviously i don't want hear that yuri faction is not as op as in YR and also you can win a good foehn player with any faction)
  12. Unanimous Change

    don't make me get nervous idiot.i can name 100x more unbalanced shit in that game which makes it totally unplayable for human vs human. and that harrier rush thing is my own tactic no one has owned me with that you noob. another important reason not to play that game is because the client is full of fools like you who have no opinion what does a "balance" mean. above all, 1v1s in mental omega so i can kick your ass in a few mins?
  13. Unanimous Change

    the latest mental omega version aka 3.3.2 is totally unbalanced. let me give you a very simple example: do you like to see your miners dead each 30 secs with 4 harriers? probably not. although mental omega is a fun game but it's been designed to be played against bots. otherwise, it's more unbalanced than a dog fighting sniper ifv.
  14. Unanimous Change

    no changes if mustache would be in charge of it.... reduced deso deployment range and longer time for ic activation would be very good and/or removing nuclear reactor from sovs would make it wonderful.
  15. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    me and zain are available most of the day long until 4 days later from now. we can 2v2 anyone who wants.