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  1. having tabs is great and the way it's divided in ra2 and YR( 4 tabs) is again an excellent thing to have a fast rsg
  2. any game that you're creating, i hope you'll take a look at the balanced factions aspect of it. also better graphics plz
  3. Legolas

    Rhino and Grizzly question.

    why do you want to attack his army directly anyway? attacking from 2 sides and overwhelming his army would workout the best since his tanks' turrets will always be moving and will buy you time. in a direct fight though there can be different cases still. if your battle is like 5 griz and 5 rhinos vs 5 griz and 5 rhinos then the team who has the better micro will win. it's not about which tanks you use as shield for other tanks. with each group of tanks you got you try to micro very well and try to shoot at 1 of his tanks with a group of 1-5 tanks while you're not letting him hit yours.the thing i'm saying though needs real tank control skills.there is always a risk to lose more than you kill if you're not making the right choices. when you're talking about a group of like 20 rhinos and 20 grizzlies vs 20 rhinos and 20 grizzlies, still you can't use any of them as a shield for the other for a perfect reason: range. your tanks won't be able to shoot from a far distance when there is like 3-4 tanks in front of them to the first enemy tank(even rhinos) so the best thing to do in this case is to divide your tanks in 2 groups and overwhelm him from 2 sides or at list make a formation a tanks that is long in length and short in width to maximize the range bonus and to make sure his box of tanks(if they are) have a turret which is constantly turning around for shooting. finally it's good to move around their tanks with yours so you can dodge some hits but be aware not to go as far where his tanks will get out of your tanks' range and he'll gain the advantage of number per each shot. hope this tips from a mediocre player help
  4. Legolas

    Calling out all the 2v2 fan boys !

    my whole participation in this tournment would be conditional on whether i find a good mate for myself or not but my answers are as following: Q)Yes Q)No Q)No Q)Yes Q)15 to 20
  5. you can't judge anyone by observing their games. i've played both players and i can surely say that matt is better. @Luciferhey what's up?
  6. @Andy.rofl at your logic. air plane goes faster than a bike but a bike rider is never going to know how to pilot an air plane without putting a lot of effort into it. @Ferretstop banning/giving warning to people for nothing. i made that post because of his delusional logic and no one thinks i'm wrong(not even andy himself)
  7. scrublord yuri player challenges people who have never touched yuri in their life to play as yuri and take rank 1 and since they won't take rank 1, he'll feel free to say yuri is a balanced faction rofl
  8. Legolas

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    you seem delusional zhas... i don't watch most of your vids because i found them useless but a noob guy could watch and learn bos and since you have a lot of videos and there are a lot of maps it could be good to learn the maps. @XXxPrePxXplease delete this post in a few days as it is not about giving tips and i was just answering a kidish question
  9. Legolas

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    if you're willing to get better, before asking anyone to play in their game, try to ask for observing games and watch videos of pro players online(recommended channels :EddB - Zain Hayder , Zhasulan)
  10. Legolas

    1x1 tournament on 15 September 2018

    feels too uninteresting. map pool and the organizer...
  11. Legolas

    Zhasulan vs max (Ali)

    @Zhasulanyou don't really have to post your only win against max in cncnet forums so that the public would know you have done that once there is no great player that can say he'd never lose but its their win/lose ratio that makes them very good. also if you that was not the case with uploading the video and you just wanted to teach new players something new, i have to say there was nothing special in that video. if anyone wants to see how to split much better, they would watch edd's videos. overall i take this post as of showing yourself a better player than max to the public and i'm sorry to report that no one will accept it until they would see a full series of your games vs max.
  12. Legolas

    CnCnet crashes on start

    yeh not working still, i tried it 3 times fixed. i had those files in another folder. extracted them there. now it works. thx
  13. Legolas

    CnCnet crashes on start

    same message as the last one in 4.09 also which folder do you mean by CnCNET RA2 directory?
  14. Legolas

    CnCnet crashes on start

    it didn't fix it
  15. Legolas

    CnCnet crashes on start

    by CnCnet RA2 directory you mean the folder where YR and cncnet have been installed? if so,i tried it and it didn't get fixed.