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Edit rule of cncnet client online!


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Hi CnCNet Technical and admin.
I make multiplayer Zombie map .. so when the zombie that I make (is civilian) go attack enemy and convert that infantry of the enemy to zombie it not convert to be mine, it convert to be civilian and attack my zombie infantry.

Can you plz edit the civilian to be not civilian to solve that issue?

zombie v1.map

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On 7/7/2018 at 1:22 AM, FReQuEnZy said:

You will have to figure this out by map triggers and by modding the INI.
CnCNet staff most probably won't fix your mod maps for you. 

We (Me "making maps" and Harry " making modes and zombies models") are about to release the new mode soon with new models of zombies.
I take a look to my Analytics and from source visitors to the search on youtube most of the search is about the zombie mode of RA2 ..





For now I will make mission maps.. I hope one day CncNet Staff can make it for players who is looking for fun and who is love that kind of modes.

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It's possible to add missions to the client too as long as they are scripted multiplayer maps.

New graphics can be included in mix files, if you send them to me I can get them to work.

Just make sure they are not massive.

Also make sure to add detailed instructions to your mission briefing, so that players don't get a crash.

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