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Jungle Smoke -silos Needed


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Map theme: Jungle

Size: 126x126

Players: up to 8

do you get tired of hearing silos needed? I do, so i changed the silo storage amount, so all you have to do is build one silo and that annoying silos needed voice goes away. This also helps you keep all the ore you harvest...

The map is setup to where its extremely hard for the other players to build into your base and destroy you with tesla coils . 






So all you have to do is build one silo to make the silos needed audio to go away


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Yeah thats a nice map dude.Good idea to do the silo fix also.il download the map so people can take a look at it and play it

Only thing id say is that ive let people look at it and they think its a cheat map cause of other values that have changed so id suggest changing back the other values back to normal and just having the silo value changed

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