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TDR wont launch


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i installed The First Decade and installed Tiberuian Dawn redux 1.40 and 1.44 but it does not open when i clicked tiberian dawn redux button on desktop . it asks me  eva console  program options and i say 1. (Launch CNC  Tiberian Dawn Redux. IT asks me again i say again 1 ./select your settings. ) and asks again.  (run to  1920 x 1080  high definition  format) i says 1. and i wait . a little CNC zero hour windows comes to screen i wait . and C&C Zero hour opens NOT CNC Tiberian dawn redux. What can i do ? I tried origin version same problem, too.

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Sorry haven't been in here in a while. I have been made aware that a lot of Mods have been broken due to the Origin updates and also due to some Win10 user control issues. I am uploading an unreleased version of the mod in a raw "open file format" to my Dropbox account. I can provide download links to the files on said account as a last resort measure. DOING THIS WILL BREAK YOUR ZH INSTALLATION! As this will permanently override the ZH game data files unless you delete the entire game folder and reinstall if you wish to play ZH again.

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