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OMG most of the best players go comm centre before 2nd airstrip, what is this madness?


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I can understand if its down a pipe and you need ssm/the lazer early so you can destroy their turrets/ unit blockade

But otherwise you get excess cash not being spent fast enough if you go comm centre and the tech up doesn't seem as useful as extra tanks because flame tanks are not that good and stealth tanks are easy to defend against/unreliable.





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2 hours ago, AchromicWhite said:

Well he clearly got it for flame tanks in that game... with all the flame tanks yet lack of obs/stank/SSM.

Hey White! Yea I get it now you spend the extra money on base creeping, more expensive units troops turrets refineries etc etc  you CAN spend all that cash I just wasn't used to it, , its not the comm centre that's important its using money for creeps and tiberium control, rather than for extra airfields. That is superior way to win on most maps, if you go 2 airfields its harder to do as you wont have enough cash to get both "x2" units and fast* creeps. Fast creeps are better because they are so hard to topple with only airfield units

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