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Bugs in Tiberian sun

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This post is more for my reference as I am away from my normal computer but your welcome to post your own bugs

I have fixes for most of these however its just properly documenting them I need to finish 

(my patch was more complete than Aros however after a bit of a fall out with certain members and negative community response else where, I simply didn’t post any of my fixes or realise my patch.


If there is interest I will release assets of my patch including code.


This list will have grown by tomorrow and will become more accurate when I get back to my pc



The construction yard "build animation" clips other buildings placed near it [will fix]

The refinery fire ball can become hidden [fixed]

The silos don’t fill properly [temp fix by someone else, iirc hyper needs to fix this]

The tech centre is apparently useless at tech 7? (GDI)[usless at tech 6/7 so made it tech 8]

chem missile create [fixed]

waterfall [fixed]

technician scaredy cat/ shooting [exe job?]

mobile war factory interior [graphics needed]


General GDI

RPG connector[needs graph]

Titan barrel [?]

disk throwers disk[fixed]



General Nod

nod war factory animation[fixed]

sam site? [graph, argubly mcv and ms as well]



Snow related

GDI war factory side door [will need to edit graphics]

old TD buildings [graphics iirc]

railway slope [needs graphics]

RPG tower [fixed]

selection box errors, [fixed]

Local inn

kettler place

city hall




paula hehdgbr...

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Again, this is another post on the fly...

...and yes, no spell check


[clip -as in show threw taller buildings]


clipping "on" laser fence post anims

off laser fence post look a bit wierd

watch tower lights clip

firestorm generator (where to begin, what a mess)

Nod power plants coloured pixels

component tower

clift shadows

kodiak+montalk animations clip

disk throwers disk

jumpject infs sequence (job for hyper?)

All the firestorm building anims clip in some way



Silo animation

GDI/nod barracks animation

missle silo launch

hospital red cross

harvester unloading


BTW is there intrest for my fixing things mod to be uploaded, both personaly and from a cncnet point of view.

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yea some are but there are still alot not covered by the mini-patch, a lot of the "cliping" problems for exaple go unnoticed but are fixed with a quick art change.


The firestorm generator and missle silo for example, (like the beta emp turret) are a compleate mess due to the lack of support for its special frames.

If you look at the firestrom generator ingame there is a jump at the end of the buildup, then look at the graphics you can see why there is a jump, the animation always playing is supose to be the active animation therefor was never supose to play directly after the structure was built hence the jump.

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Well that's kinda like how they messed up the active anim in the RA1 chronosphere, and used it as damaged state instead.


But as I said, in the end those are engine limitations. They didn't add support for these animations, so they can't be added without extensive hacking either.

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