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RA2 online problems


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My friend and I want to play against each other in RA2, but we can't get it to work online.  He is not good with computers at all while I am decent with them. We both have the exact same problem. When we click on custom match in the Internet menu in RA2 It says:

Support: xwis.net



Error: invalid password or nick name taken already

Server: Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge; SID: 339111; Nick: [nickname];


You joined channel USA Command

After about a minute it disconnects us. If one of us tries to create a game it will give us a message to either disconnect or to check status which launches firefox to http://networkstatus.westwood.com/ which is obviously gone. There is apperently nobody in there even though we are both in there together. My friend says that he got it to work over his Christmas break 2010 but he has no idea why, unless it has to do with the school's wifi using cisco NAC Agent.

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