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Firestorm Defense does not defend against missiles on multiplayer


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Returning player from the early 2000s, grew up with this game as well as watching my Dad play friends in the early days of internet. The whole family is getting remobilized to play TS and just played my first game there but came across what i think is a bug? basically as playing GDI vs NOD i built a firestorm defence to protect against the multi-missiles, however the firestorm defense failed to stop these, as far as i can remember the firestorm defense was meant to prevent missiles coming into your base (apart from air attacks this is its only usage?) I found this old thread from 1999 - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.games.tiberian-sun/Y7d1Rqa-Ft8 - which seems to suggest that its only on multiplayer that this doesnt work, i messed around with some of the map settings to see if i could fix this to no avail. Considering i will only be playing multiplayer (as GDI) this is a bit of an issue. I breifly searched the forums and did not find anything on this. I was just wondering if this issue had come up in this community before/ is this even a bug? 

All help appreciated, 

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Firestorm does not stop any missles or seeker. It will stop the cluster that fall from the multimissle, so if you wall up your firestorm generator it can't be killed by a multi-missle (but it still can be killed by 1 chemical missle).

I also remember that it stopped all missles, but that's apparently wrong. And other people remember it correctly (Mandela effect?)


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