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Tiberian Sun freezes Windows 7 64 bit


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Well, been reinstalling TS about 10 times now and tried numerous ideas. The problem is that my Windows locks up after exiting Tiberian sun.


Now, things I have tried.


1. Installed DX9 only with my DX10

2. Reinstalled ran as admin and not. (actually running OUT of admin mode game runs. Where as in admin "missing DLL files" appear!! wtf weird)

3. Changed my Resolution to match my native one.


What else is there? I have no other ideas of what to do here. I was running XP before for years and never had a problem till this new comp with windows 7.


Btw, this is installing the game from a Original Disc. Tried both the Nod and Gdi but to no now avail.


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3. Changed my Resolution to match my native one.

That's kinda dangerous... especially if you got a really large resolution. All C&C games have trouble with displaying maps when the screen resolution is larger than the actual map size.

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Have tried setting compatibility mode to win 98 And running the program as admin? (i know win 7 tries to guess compatibility but i have never seen it work, i have alway had to override it manually)


The only other thing you could try is reinstalling in compatibility mode and running it as admin

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I tried running a admin, but everytime I do that. Missing Dll's message appears. Even when i set the compatibility with anything at all the Dll message appears as well.

Only way to avoid the dll message is by NOT running it in admin. But, by doing that the game freezes upon exiting  O_o.



Reinstalling in compatibility mode? How do you do that? and what is the difference I do. Eg: will it affect the way it looks?

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