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Another cheater (Mixo)


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User by the name Mixo appeared to be cheating in a game I hosted. His spy had a lot of hit points, taking a lot of hits from several conscripts and flak tracks, but was still able to waltz into a building and steal tech. How are cheaters able to pull this off? Is it a simple case of modifying the rules text file??? It's frustrating to no end. Especially when other players are regenerating paradrops almost instantly or spawn large groups naval units seconds after building a shipyard.


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1 hour ago, RaVaGe said:

Don't play modified maps, just play games where original maps are used, simple as that.
If the lobby shows a message that a map has been transferred then it's modified by someone and that can include rule file sections.

This. Some people (though haven't seen it yet since I came back) use modified official maps. They are looking like official maps, but they have mods inside of it (usually spawns with instant 500 oil derricks, yuri, etc...) outside the map boundaries (so a normal user don't see it). Its f*cking nasty honestly.

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I understand the custom maps. But I did encounter someone who was able to almost instantly recharge paradrops in a 'battle' map. 

Regarding the spy with lots of health, it was a 'standard' map, again but I was hosting and it is a map I often play without any issues. Something funny is going on that goes beyond modified maps. 

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