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New Tunnel - problem

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Hello all,

I created a new tunnel named EEU Server (Romania), but i have a problem.

When i am trying to play with my friend, after connecting to the server we get the "other system not responding" error and then get disconnect.

I checked the status on the CnCNet website and the server has OK status.

posted image

Port 50.000 is opened on UDP and TCP.

On the server log i get this error:

[Tue Sep 25 21:30:49 EEST 2018] Ignoring packet from -16946 to 24112 (/ip), was 79 bytes
[Tue Sep 25 21:30:50 EEST 2018] Client -16946 timed out.

I can not figure what the problem is, any tips?

Thanks in advance,

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