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Q Button WayPoint Attack


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I have question regarding using the Q button attack trick. I attack a unit, then hold Q button, then click around the enemy unit so your own tanks move. The question is do I need to hold the Q button during the attack click on the enemy unit, or this is only required afterwards?

ok thanks

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2 hours ago, AchromicWhite said:

Q sets way points for the unit.
By telling your unit to attack first, you let it choose a target, and then use Q to make your tanks follow a set of positioning commands, while still locking their turret onto the chosen target.


What if you hold Q and then tell your unit to attack, then still holding Q set your waypoints. Does it make a difference?

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Q is used for way point yes get tanks move from one point too another  yes 

it has a combat use too holding down q and clicking on other players tank then the on ground holding q down keep tank moving makes your tanks take damage slower and fire when moving 

when using q u need it  q pressed when using q i think u can just press q i dont think q needs be hold down and it should work too 

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