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Is it impossible to patch Tiberium Wars Kanes Wrath and Red Alert 3 On Disc?


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Just installed Tiberium Wars Kanes Wrath and Red Alert 3 on my PC again and i tried patching them to their latest patches But whenever i attempt to do it The game says Could not connect to EA I removed all 3 games again re-installed them And it still has not fixed the issue I disabled Firewall settings and some other stuff Which did still not help out :( So im stuck playing Tiberium Wars and Kanes Wrath Unpatched and as for Red Alert 3 it always gives me a black screen whenever i start that up :( And if i click to play online on TW or KW My PC Crashes Im using Windows 10 as my version and My Discs are the Standard Editions.

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Hi, this website is about the classic C&C games. For further C&C3 questions asking on https://cnc-online.net/en/ might be better.

Anyway. EA has closed the FTP server responsible for C&C3 updates. You can however download and install them from here:

https://cncnz.com/downloads/tiberium-wars-downloads/#patches (TW)

https://cncnz.com/downloads/kanes-wrath-downloads/#patches (KW)

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