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TD med tank with antennae (RA) (SHP)


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This one needs to be touched up, which I'll start doing a week and a half down the track as I'm currently too busy. The antennae on this are worked onto the model by following the same pattern as the Heavy tank from RA.

When I touch this up, would people like to the the antennae to be taller, or do you like them as they are?

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Yeah, thanks for the help Nyerguds.

Is the SHP of this GIF possible to use strait in RA? The pallets confuse me somewhat in regards to how the game reads the colors.

As long as it's the purple pallets for RA, then it'll work, right?

(and if the purples for TD are used than TD can read them fine?)


See, even though I made these, they took forever using the method I was using, and the end result can have no pure black on it (the black seen here and on the Light tank are slightly off pure black to stop issues with transparency. I made these before I had the purples.


I think from what you've shown me, I can sort out making better SHPs now. What program do you use to do your actual editing of SHPs? I'd like something that can read PNG frames and load the purples as well... if there isn't a program for that, what do you do?

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I usually use Paint Shop Pro 3, because it has excellent palette support, but it's a 16-bit windows program, meaning it doesn't run on 64-bit OSes.


Any app with good 256-colour palette-support should do though. My purple palettes pack only has PSP format, but it also has the mixfile for XCC, so if you use XCC to convert any SHP to PNG with a specific palette, you can use whatever editor you want to save that palette from the image, so that way you can convert all the palettes to whatever format you want.

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