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Tunnel Server Purple-Horizon-Clan.net German#01 Red Alert 2

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    • By kknd2krossfire
      It would be interesting to see KKND2 Krossfire playing online with your cncnet application. This game is on the PC version and on the Sony Playstation 1, next to the Dune 2000 & Command & Conquer, this game was in the style of the RTS genre, it was also WarZone 2100, but more than the K & C series K & K 2 Krossfire - since there are 3 dynasties - These are Robots, Survivors and Monsters. - It's like an Alliance - Survivors, Monsters - Screens, and GDI Robots

    • By zneumann
      Server is undergoing major release upgrades and Intel vulnerability patching. Will be back up soon.
    • By saengerkrieg12
      the tunnel server should be fixed i have reinstalled/changed the server and the ip: and have reinstalled the cncnet-tunnel.exe (debian)
      Lg Saengerkrieg12

    • By Grant
      Asia - rowsnet.com  [Official]    v2    0 / 100
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