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Thank you Cncnet!!!!!!


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I would like to thank the entire Cncnet team for making, updating, and maintaing this amazing platform. As well as the community for maintaining, and increasing the interest in these classic  C&C games.  The progress you have made is very, very impressive. Streamlined client, ladder, rising number of active players... all very significant. I never though I would be able to play yuri's revenge against real people. Thanks for keeping these games alive. Major props.

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Yeah. I'm not big at all on the holidays, but if there's something I can be thankful about it's the great work the CNCNet team does here for absolutely nothing from me (Well, I do give my opinion here and there) :D. The fact that I logged on today, had a QM in 30 seconds, was able to be in a lobby with 237 YR players is quite remarkable.

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