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  1. They didn't design the game for the 5℅ leets playing it, but for most ppl like my ex neighbors who enjoyed the engis and other features making the game fun.
  2. How's that supposed to be true? Its the only real way to remove campers (80℅ players) on small maps.
  3. Are you dumb? My point was.. it's not worth much, but should be worth alot more because it's a great game indeed, and it's not very common, specially in that cib condition. I can't believe you felt offended. wow 👍
  4. Because they don't want to kill xwis for idk what reason. I do suspect a few things though.
  5. I bought the game once, very disappointed, then listened to the soundtrack cd in my car. I had copy #26000. (Who cares)
  6. Now Thats what i call a thread. They do a great job indeed 😃
  7. Because Andy would bs there too
  8. I've been collecting video games for 20 yrs so i had this for quite some time.. not very valuable though.. soundtracks are a bit different from pc.
  9. Me? A fan of Tomi? lol!! I am a fan of no one. I'm not impressed by anybody on this planet. Specially gamers. But i am smart enough to recognize he was the best ever, much better than random ppl i've never even heard about (like you). I did not SEE he had a bunch of rank 1s. I could actually FEEL it, being very active in the Tomi era.
  10. You're saying nobody cares who was good, all that matters is now. Let's say Andy (cncnet) and Peachy (xwis) are the best players around now. Personally, i will still picture you the same way. I dont remember ever losing to you or peachy before, and even if you did get better over time, that picturing will stay. Same if Tomi was bad nowadays, the legend picture stays anyways. Now let's pretend somebody cares about the current top 18-yrs-old ra2 player. Let's say somebody does... That person should feel lonely.. in front of millions of ppl who care about pro gamers like fortnite's ninja, making over 500 000$ per month. Oh yeah.. Andy is popular.. Marko the Wacko aswell.. for sure..
  11. Tomislav is the right answer, everybody knows that. Marko the Wacko? Absolutely not. Here's why: All the players who would have given him a match were already gone. I dont see how the following players wouldn't have been as good or better than him (Awaz, Joku, Kane, D0wnstyle, W0nna, Sovsordie, Veg, etc.) I bet they prolly barely know who marko is. He took much more time to improve than most top players. If I was a huge qmer, he certainly came second place, with maybe 1500 qms every month, using 9 different nicknames and who knows.. perhaps even more. Indeed, he played / ruled for a long time. I just came back on the forums, and surprised i am not to see he's still there. I remember Tomi could beat me 2 tanks vs 5, he clicked every where like a god. Rumors said he had high tech equipment, but the skills are amazing still. Tomi did have something in common with marko and all others tops: he sucked big times on naval maps, cried every time the map would pop up. I dont think who is second best player matters, because there's a long way between that person and Tomi.
  12. Andy and Tomi.. Its like comparing an old mop and a brand new super wash zamboni.
  13. I have never succeeded rushing with allies even with a shit amount of tanks. I guess grizzlys in front is crap, their place is behind a pillbox.
  14. Shoot enemy ore / gems with your tanks. Surprise! Your ennemy will be outruned.
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