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Streaming Tiberium Dawn


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Is it possible to stream Tiberium Dawn with OBS? Just curious if anyone else has had success with setting up their scenes to capture this game correctly, because whenever I launch the game it changes the layout of my windows because the game is launching in a different resolution than my monitor.

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On 1/6/2019 at 4:29 PM, Ferret said:

You're welcome. Feel free to hop into our Discord as well: https://discord.gg/cAshNrE

If you have any other questions about OBS, let me know.



I tried screencap + not being in other windows when game is launching, and everything is working fine now. I decided to go with the 1024 resolution, since I think the game is too small on 1080p. But it's not ruining my resolution of the other screen anymore when I launch which is what I wanted. So thank you!


Also, I know that sometimes when people stream on CnCnet they have that little stream button at the top of the CnCNet window. Do you know if there a way I could get added as a CnC streamer? Thanks!

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@Sentinel12 What's the URL to your stream? I'll get your channel added.

Streaming Tiberian Dawn

  • Objective 1: Configure Tiberian Dawn settings
  • Objective 2: Create a Display Capture source (layer) on OBS

Objective 1 Start: Configuring the settings
1. Run the launcher
2. Click Settings
3. Change the Renderer under the drop-down menu to "OpenGL"
4. Proceed to "Advanced settings"
NOTE: You can also access game settings once you're on the CnCNet client in the top-left
[Settings] -> [Tiberian Dawn]
posted image

Objective 1 Continued: Configuring the settings
Copy these settings exactly. 

1. Check "Use CnC-DDraw (enables advanced options)"
2. Check "Custom"
3. Enter in 1024 x 576
NOTE: 1024x576 is a 16:9 ratio and will scale perfectly with your 1080p display (1920x1080, 16:9).
4. Check "Stretch to custom resolution:"
5. Enter in 1920x1080
6. Under the "Scaling filter:" drop-down menu, select the "xbrz-freescale" filter
7. Check "Interpolate (smooth)"
8. Check "Back buffer in video Memory"
9. Check "Automatically adjust mouse sensitivity to resolution"
posted image

  • Objective 1 Complete: Configuring the settings

Objective 2 Start: Adding a Display Capture source
1. Click this button here (Add Source)
posted image

1. Select "Display Capture"
posted image

1. Select your main display (the monitor you'll be playing the game on)
NOTE: If you have only 1 monitor, there will only be 1 available selection.
posted image

1. Make sure the layer is visible
posted image

  • Objective 2 Complete: Adding a Display Capture source

End result: Great mouse response, no lag while streaming, and clear visuals to both yourself and the end user on Twitch.

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Hmm, shouldn't that be 480? Height adjustment is 5/6, so for a play resolution of 1920x1080 you would need a game resolution of 1920x900. Straight conversion of that to an in-game content width of 1024 (divide both by 1.875) gives 1024x480, not 1024x576.

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