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  1. So is everyone playing on this patch now? Will I only see games that are being played on patch in the lobby or will I see all games?
  2. Trunk I have the same settings you do for CnC 1. I think Ferret might have a older version or something.
  3. Hey guys, Lately it seems like the desync error is becoming more frequent. Not sure if the Red Alert players are having the same issue, but I will get maybe 1-2 minutes into a game on Tiberium Dawn with more than 4 players and the error will happen. Is there anyway to reduce the error rate? Does it help if other people host, etc.? Thanks for the help.
  4. https://www.twitch.tv/christopherbellini/ Streaming the original CnC. Thanks for the support guys!
  5. I got my stream working good now. I just wonder if the quality is good.
  6. Hi Ferret, It's: https://www.twitch.tv/christopherbellini i'll take a look at those settings later. Thanks again man you've been a big help! I'm recoil56 in game btw.
  7. First map looks REALLY good. Gonna try that one for sure. I'll let you know my thoughts.
  8. Hey, I tried screencap + not being in other windows when game is launching, and everything is working fine now. I decided to go with the 1024 resolution, since I think the game is too small on 1080p. But it's not ruining my resolution of the other screen anymore when I launch which is what I wanted. So thank you! Also, I know that sometimes when people stream on CnCnet they have that little stream button at the top of the CnCNet window. Do you know if there a way I could get added as a CnC streamer? Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I'll try it out soon!
  10. Hello, Is it possible to stream Tiberium Dawn with OBS? Just curious if anyone else has had success with setting up their scenes to capture this game correctly, because whenever I launch the game it changes the layout of my windows because the game is launching in a different resolution than my monitor.
  11. Big fan of injustice 5-player FFA.
  12. Sentinel12

    Hotkeys for CnC 1?

    Hello, I recently installed command and conquer 1 using the guide for the single player campaign setup. The game works well, except that I am unsure how to setup hotkeys for things like repairing. Is there a way to do this in the game files? Thank you!
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