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Tkragon's Map [2-4]


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I made my first map. It's a YR 2v2 map, but can be played 1v1. Each starting position has an ore and a gem patch nearby  ( positions up top have gems closer while the lower ones a bit away ).  There are two more gem patches up top for each team. On the main island at the bottom there is an Tech Oil Derrick. The map was inspired by the lovely nature we have here in Slovenia ;) .

p.s.: The forests are hiding an Easter egg of sorts ;) 

Constructive criticism is welcomed! The version I'm sharing is 1.1 that includes some changes that people suggested when we were testing the 1.0 version. 

tkragon's map 1.1 ( 2-4 ) .map

Version 1.0 that may be circulating CnCNet has a large gem patch instead of the Oil Derrick. When play-testing we found out that the gem patch was to close to the lower right starting position, so I removed the gems, replaced them with the Oil & moved the left bottom starting position a bit closer to the middle.




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I respect your opinion but I think it kind of looks cool ( and other people have said so as well ). I only messed up because I used dark grass as the main "color" and the clifs are only in bright grass "color" . So there are weird spots around the cliff rocks :)

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