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How do you use bikes in a way where they dodge tank shells well?


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PHD did this really cool move I think it was scatter with bikes and it made them a really difficult to hit with my tanks.  It also kept the damage spread over all of the bikes so no 1 bike was lost and they could all still fire  which is better than losing 1-2.

When ever I try to time tank shells and the missile fire ratio of the bike especially in larger numbers of tanks and bikes I just cant do it very well. There's no rhythm all the tanks and bikes get into position and fire at a different random rate. II think id be better off not manuvering my bikes at all and just concentrate on focus fire better.


Any tips for effective hit and run or effective ly taking advantage of the bikes speed /attributes to dish out damage without taking it? (especially in a head on fight with a fairly large number of tanks/bikes im not talking about targeting single units or retreating units but more in head on battles when they are ready for you)


A single unit is easy if you have a single bike you just go fire as soon as the bike fires move it away once its reloaded go back perhaps make them miss then fire , run away, repeat.  But in larger numbers this becomes much more difficult to do. Should you just try to recreate the effect  as best you can or should you just concentrate on focus fire instead?



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16 hours ago, _smT^ said:

Thanks for advice very helpful will keep in mind  chem your bro _smt^.........

Brother SMT you are part of the elite now!  Nice to have one of my peak time bros in here!


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5 hours ago, AchromicWhite said:

We don't have many high tier Nod players. They all stuck too mass tib too much, or seem to have left.

I hadn't thought of using scatter on bikes. That might work.

Going to try and see if people can handle low tiberium maps, see if they hate it, will host that way tonight, PHD says its a more strategic style of play. Last time I tried it didn't go down so well. Will try again. While we do not agree on many things I still take your points seriously and will try them out.

PHD also did this unusual move with tanks where I think he spammed scatter/move with fire orders in fast succession so the tanks did this jittering move very good hard to focus fire on and he timed it so they moved in-between THEIR OWN shots so they fired  then dodged as they were reloading then fired again.

I think what im trying to do in large numbers doesn't work unless you have more hot key skill and break big groups up into teams but still using them as a whole to take advantage of the efficiency of large numbers vs small idea, (an instance where alot more skill or a different type of skill is required on money maps ie being able to efficiently control a massive group of units this is alot harder than controlling just a few units well, on low money maps, which is why there's a tendency to just slam on high tiberium maps, you have to use hotkeys to a higher level of proficiency )  

(That's partly why I emphasise learning it all, money maps, open maps, low money maps, clustered maps, team games, 1v1,  3 vs 2, 3v3, FFA, , unfair maps, unbalanced maps, cheesing, no cheesing,  etc it all helps improve overall skill, the more difficult situations you are put under the better you get as a player, (stress tested) , tested for weaknesses,  improved in ways fair play cant improve you, sometimes sticking only to well designed balanced maps and fair play weakens you as a player)

That's also why people are scared to fight someone outside the original maps or scared to fight outside balanced 1v1 maps  or outside money maps, or outside their own favourite map, or with cheesing /no cheesing involved,  or when theres a direct close open path between each other early, or when the maps open, etc because their skill set is limited to just 1 thing,  its not adaptive. It gives them an unfair advantage in that specific thing, short term, but overall they are just not that good and it will be a cost to their long term skill.

(cnc1 on cnc.net is not the same as the original cnc1 the metas are all over the place even a well designed fair map like blistering sands is a very different meta to the original red sands there's so much more money and its more even, it changes the play style drastically, and then 1 step above that with even more tiberium is a different meta still, teams are different meta to ffa, 1v1 different to teams do you want a specific skill set to get an advantage in 1 area short term at least, (somewhat like a noob that only plays 1 map so he can win)  or a general skillset to be overall a better player?)

So back to my point hit and run or hit and dodge doesn't work in large numbers unless they are grouped into smaller groups and  used near simultaneously to do their hit and run/fire and dodge fire!?

So basically to answer my own question you have to use more  teams and more hotkey skill as the numbers get larger!







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My ideas to answer my own question


1)  Make them miss with a drive by (shots don't connect that well when you are moving but they will still automatically fire at you), fire /unload on them as they are reloading,  then move before they fire again or as they are firing their 2nd shot,  rinse and  repeat.

2) More to come....

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You know the meta from WWchat days?
Everything was different, and I really only remember playing GA and TG, to be honest.

No one knew how to play GDI at all.

I'd be surprised if he was scattering tanks... is this something he said, or something you saw? If I accidentally scatter tanks it's always more of a problem than a help. They all bump into each other and stop firing.
Tank micro is mostly about pre-positioning, from experience.

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