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My maps will largely be about bringing 1v1 to FFA and team games.


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I noticed one thing about  HJK that made is so popular and liked and ive decided to incorporate it into my map making.  That is its largely a 1v1 affair and the FFA is usually secondary.

People really enjoy this because you get the enjoyment of a 1v1 , without so much of the stress of a real 1v1 fight,  and you get to 1v1 WITH other people which is a nicer feeling for most less stress more show off type enjoyment and banter, and then there's a FFA in the same game too and a bit of a higher demand than a normal 1v1 as its sometimes 2v1 so it can build more skill,  also after the 1v1 is finished there is a FFA game after its almost like 2 games in one if you know what I mean.

But anyway I think that's a big part of the magic of the HJK map the one with extra tiberium in the middle, its the ability to turtle and expand the large amount of tiberium and the largely 1v1 or fair 1 on 1 rather than 2 on 1 affair at the start.

So I already have brought this idea to 6 player FFA and 3v3 team games  so I can capture this fun on a bigger scale but also so I can train myself and my bros up at 1v1 while playing the usual routine team games and FFA games.

Im also going to do this with 2v2 maps, and 4 way FFA maps I have yet to make them.

I am also going to make a map where you 1v1 while people watch that way I can bring 1v1 to an audience which is much more fun than doing a 1v1 in isolation with 1 other person, it also gives people witnesses to a loss/defeat as some lie about what happened, we do this already we call it a mini tournament  its alot of fun its a great thing to do also if you only have 3 players as 3 way FFA is a drag too. Its much more fun than standard 1v1. People want to watch learn, be watched, show off have a laugh/banter etc as they take turns to 1v1 and you cant do that on normal 1v1 maps so they don't get used for that reason too, this is alot more fun for people which is a big motivator for me  to make maps.

I hope to reduce the boring standard 1v1 games that few people like anyway and bring people together into groups where we can have more fun together.  :)

Thanks for the tips guys that for me was worth the negativity but its the ban baiting corruption, negative mean attitudes and  "phoney wanna be intellectually  superior"  and elitist ego's that have finally lead me away from my long standing attempts at being nice co-operative and professional, I will no longer be trying to assist or help with other peoples ideas nor will I be trying to spread their maps which most people do not like but ive been trying to do this anyway to be nice positive and co-operative, nor will I be taking or implementing  their subjective view points as seriously as I was trying to do before.  (I think also its good for all of us or at least me if I end the toxic interactions). 

Now im just going to do my own thing that I love to do and that is to compete at the game and with maps, increase fun and enjoyment for the majority I love the huge positive feedback I get, it makes me very happy, and also to implement my own ideas this I find fulfilling.

Kind but competitive regards to all , and Adios!

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Im not going to be taking some kind of childish revenge, people that hate someone and try to get them back are the ultimate losers imo especially if its over the long term because they are stuck suffering with anger and hate themselves as they try to take revenge. But I am free now from control and I probably will continue to do things that annoy controlling types (editing peoples maps, creating 1v1 in FFA and team games and so forth) , but does not mean im intentionally doing it to get one back at you, im not. Im not trying to perpetuate the negativity and start a back and forth troll job or spat, that's just not good for anyone except Pence and Co. Im just going to keep to the rules and enjoy my game and my maps. 

I will add that 2 members here I will name no names (joke) have been trying to make a 1v1 tournament for at least 5 years with no success (before my time and  the forum doesn't go back that far even),  its not going to happen most likely, since  its hard to co-ordinate people together for the tournament because of time zones, work, a lack of interest, people refusing to play other players and we have mini tournaments all the time anyway which we organise ourselves which are far more practical and I should imagine almost as fun. Also if you've failed to make it happen for over 5 years then that is some suggestion in itself,  that its not so likely to happen.

Secondly the idea of having official maps that are custom made I feel is not right and im against it, because the maps are not popular people don't like them and so you are forcing something onto people by making them "official" you can sugar coat it another way but that's basically what you are doing,  you are encouraging and persuading in a way, for people to use these maps over the maps of others and I don't think its right because its a few peoples wants over the majorities. (even if you feel you are the intellectual elite and that you know best for everyone else in our community, and are in charge of them, you might want to consider my next point.....

.....That is  if your map is good enough to catch on, and you are truly talented at making maps then you don't need to force it on people (granted its quite easy to make a map catchy and it can be very non technical very noobish)  but you can also make a technical map that is very popular too (granted its a bit harder) but then you don't need to force it on people by making it "official" or the only map people can use for ranked games , or a tournament etc. It will catch on all by itself. without you even needing to spread it.

So make not just a sound technically balanced map, make one that's popular too, (e.g. Vertical Limit 1 has the proper Meta/balance and is popular, plays incredibly, and looks pretty good too) and that's what you need to do if you want your maps to be used, you have to make people love it, I recommend paying attention to people other than yourselves and seeing what they like, investigating and then trying to adapt your maps to fit that, rather than getting into a small group telling yourselves that you are superior and assuming leadership over all of us all and then trying to force what most people do not like onto us!

That's my vote anyway I vote against people being forced to use maps they wouldn't pick to use and spread all by themselves. 

Beethoven produced some masterful music that was popular back in the day but its not so popular today in recent times, Pink Floyd on the other hand produced some music that's also brilliant and its  popular in more recent times.  No one knows about the guy that made good but unpopular music back in classical times, and no one knows about someone that makes good but unpopular music today, popular opinion is key imo, recent popular opinion, otherwise your creations may as well not exist.

If you cant do that cant make them popular and technical that's down to you.

I wont reply to this because Im going to stop interacting with your "group" as much as possible, excluding X3M who is welcome in my games etc any time .

Just wanted my opinion out there.

Peace out



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Can't even understand that conversation... we don't care if people don't play our maps.
After all, they have little understanding of why they're made the way they're made; through what is not really any fault of their own.

"....That is  if your map is good enough to catch on, and you are truly talented at making maps then you don't need to force it on people"

Once again, no one's forcing anything, and what's popular is not always what works strategically. People even bend the rules of games like Monopoly. Free Parking, not purchasing first round, and ignoring the auction rules are common... why? Because people don't like it.
They then complain that the game goes on for too long, when it's the bent rules that make it that way, just like people will start to realise just how many useless units there are when playing mass tib.

Competition isn't always fun, it often comes with some stress. Just look at how people react to the SCII ladder. Plenty of complains, because people want to be able to just wall up and be safe. But the direction of that game was absolutely separated better plays from worse players, and given people someone to strive towards...
However, the co-operative mode (2 people vs AI in a mission like scenario) is FAR more popular.

The inability to create a ladder is simply due to the CnCNet team obviously not giving that much of a shit. I've talked to people like Funky about this before, but he always just goes quiet.

We were offered a ladder like RA1's, yet RA1's ladder is all the same style of map... if they style doesn't suit you, then your preferred stats are erased from the game. Which is why I advocate the archetype system, to make sure there'd be a spread of different maps, always in rotation. Everyone wins.
But also, no one cares enough to implement it.

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