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BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (RA)


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Yes the Ants only have 8 facing frames. They also have walking and attacking frames plus a few die frames for a total 112 frames. To make Ants into normal tanks without turrets is just a lot of copy and pasting the same 8 facing frames. There is also the antdie.shp has to be made into an explosion. Plus the antdie.aud has to be replaced with an explosion sound.


Ants break down like this (all frames move counter clockwise)

First 8 frames are 8 faceing frames

Next 64 are walking frames, 8 Frames per side

Next 32 are attacking frames 4 frames per side

Last are 8 death frames


In Red Dawn the Recon Bike, Flame Tank and Stealth Tank are Ants... Were Ants.


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