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X-Arena v2.47 [10 waves] [MAP]


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This is the official 10 waves map before i start making part 2 of the map because it was intended to be 30 waves map but got cut short to 10 for now.

This is a survival map where you must defend your base and Psychic Beacon against enemy waves. A player receives tech reinforcements each wave. Enemy waves have different styles to attack and each side or line has different kind of wave to face. Only 10 waves are in this map. Fight your way through the waves until you reach the final wave and kill the boss.

- Recommended settings for the map :

MCV Repacks : ON

Build Off Ally Conyards : ON

Crates : ON/OFF [both works]

Rest of the settings are : OFF

- Positions :

1 - Player [Team = A] [Start 1-4]

2 - Player [Team = A] [Start 1-4]

3 - Player [Team = A] [Start 1-4]

4 - Player [Team = A] [Start 1-4]

5 - AI [Team = B] [Start 5]

Note : Allied MCV generates 1000$ cash every second.

Note2 : Some enemy waves are moded.

Dogs, Walls, Airforce and Battle lab are not Available in this map!

WARNING! : If the map is not full of players or AI it will auto crash!



X-Arena v2.36.jpg





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Updated to version 2.47

- final boss (chrono commando) chrono weapon damage increased from

  • 80 to 100 (Normal)
  • 180 to 220 (Elite)

- Only 2 chrono legionnaires will spawn at random times on each lane instead of 6 or 8

- Chrono legionnaires HP changed from 12000 to 7000

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