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A RA2 ore map but it's converted into a TS map.


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Mutant's Dream, Human's Nightmare.zip

Tips: Play as Nod, because its rocket infantry can destroy Tiberium while the GDI's disc throwers can't. Cyborgs are immune to Tiberium.

UPDATE 1: Green Tiberium spreads slower, Blue Tiberium can't spread anymore.

UPDATE 2: One tile of Tiberium has been removed in each player location to make the harvester spawn near their player locations.

UPDATE 3: Tiberium growth is disabled, which means blue and green Tiberium will never grow or spread at all and blue Tiberium cannot spread or grow immediately in a player location when the game starts.

UPDATE 4: Player location 3's (bottom left) harvester spawn location has been changed.

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Looks like fun. I would recommend you to set TiberiumSpreads=no in the SpecialFlags section, because for some spots you can't place your refinery before the tiberium encroaches.

Also it would be nice to have 1 extra square without tiberium where the refinery is placed so that your harvester will spawn there.

And maybe disc thrower can have it's disc bounce. (I don't know how mod that)

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