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  1. The Spider Survival map uses sounds that don't exist.
  2. I would like to point out in the vet bal patch ini, the laser fence post is missing its section.
  3. I noticed the 8 Oil Derricks mod doesn't contain the spawn houses and without them, the game crashes when an oil derrick is captured. Here's the houses needed. [Houses] 00=GDI 01=Nod 02=Neutral 03=Special 50=Spawn1 51=Spawn2 52=Spawn3 53=Spawn4 54=Spawn5 55=Spawn6 56=Spawn7 57=Spawn8 [Spawn1] Color=Gold [Spawn2] Color=Red [Spawn3] Color=Grey [Spawn4] Color=LightGold [Spawn5] Color=Gold [Spawn6] Color=Red [Spawn7] Color=Grey [Spawn8] Color=LightGold
  4. Let me tell you something. The ORCA Carryall can carry the Core Defender.
  5. When I start cncnet5.exe and let it update, the game and the spawn version don't work anymore, I get the error message "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application.", and I have reinstall to go back where I was. The game worked fine without cncnet5.exe started. My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
  6. Increasing the number of rows of cameos will crash the game. It's a hardcoded limit, I think.
  7. You could just download fan-made maps from PPM forums.https://ppmforums.com/index.php?f=505
  8. Are you playing in classic mode? because Allies and Soviets are the only factions in Classic Mode to have naval shipyards and sub pens. EDIT: Actually, all factions in Classic Mode are not allowed to have naval shipyards and sub pens.
  9. I decided to post my multiplayer map (maybe a year old or less), which is the demo mission Clean Sweep converted to a multiplayer map. Also, removed the dirt roads that are in the player locations. Dirty Sweep.map
  10. Also, is this map for a mod? because my game crashes when I load the map.
  11. The bridge in this map when it's repaired is glitched because the terrain underneath the bridge is uneven. You could remove the bridge's bridge repair huts or make the terrain even.
  12. Why not send us the map and we can help faster.
  13. Apparently, TrainStation told me in discord that I have to add the TI houses because the single player houses were replacing them.
  14. I did fix some things like triggers and things, but when I start the map, it takes longer to load in the "creating theories on likely enemy plan" part and after that, the game crashes with an internal error. Here's the map if you're interested in fixing the problem: nod1a.map EDIT: Open the map with FinalTI
  16. Core Defender only maps.zip UPDATE 1: The MCV will not start in multiplayer anymore. Suggested by Messiah (User with special agent cameo profile pic), The MCV is replaced with the Core Defender when you start in these maps. If crates are enabled, you can get units, unit stat upgrades, or bad things.
  17. I made sure the Tiberium isn't in the way. looks like the Tiberium spreads too fast. I think I can make the Tiberium spread slower.
  18. Mutant's Dream, Human's Nightmare.zip Tips: Play as Nod, because its rocket infantry can destroy Tiberium while the GDI's disc throwers can't. Cyborgs are immune to Tiberium. UPDATE 1: Green Tiberium spreads slower, Blue Tiberium can't spread anymore. UPDATE 2: One tile of Tiberium has been removed in each player location to make the harvester spawn near their player locations. UPDATE 3: Tiberium growth is disabled, which means blue and green Tiberium will never grow or spread at all and blue Tiberium cannot spread or grow immediately in a player location when the game starts. UPDATE 4: Player location 3's (bottom left) harvester spawn location has been changed.
  19. in rules.ini, there is something called [Maximums] which controls the maximum player count. but that will require UI editing. EDIT: The 9th player slot will not appear in-game, even when you change the player count to over 8. That's why UI editing is required.
  20. Free to download. you will need SHP Builder's Cameo Generator to add text on the cameo. techniicon.zip
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