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TD - Passes (6)


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Hi Chronoseth,


I'm not an experienced player, but the upper right player would be in disadvantage for me.



... and by that I'm not saying you should change anything to the upper right player, I'm just pointing out that people might have differente perceptions. The bottom right position has 3 defensive bottlenecks. This player can reserve that fields and harvest away of the river passes. That would be the haverst strategy for that player. Let's hope a more smart player come over and comment ...



Also, I think you should re-spread the tiberium better in the upper left tiberium field. It's not looking natural.

A last one is more aesthetic: take out the tiberium of the road, but it's not important, we're not here for sightseeing anyway eheheeh.


In the other hand it's a great map. I'd like to use it in a single player mission, but you don't have to decide it right now, I have to launch missions that I'm still cooking up. But I foresee a cool plot for your map already.

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