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Private chats and conspiracy in FFA games


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In my last live stream i see in many games how vulnerable players are not attacked specially wen he is over me, i think people can use private chats for plane my defeat and trolling me in every FFA game when i am live streaming, they first comment and vote for Extra Small FFA or similar matches and next happen weird things like a player deploying in center of Extra Small map and run over me before i take a corner and make units, the weird thing is that nobody attack that player before he defeat me. I think cncnet team need to disable private chats for prevent this, also they can use discord for make a trolling team against the YouTuber but i not kick anybody because they also think that i kick them for be better that me etc.  

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this kinda thing (making a forum post about FFA extra small complaining about what players are doing) is exactly why ppl do it.  If you don't want that type of game, then dont host that type of game...and dont complain about every little event on forums

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