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hello guys i need help in my new map , i created it as a multi player mission and i set triggers and linked evey thing together including teame types, tags , scripts but no one of them works , i'm stuck i couldn't find what is wrong . i asked some good mappers about that , they gave me some solution but they didn't work , i truly can't understand why they didn't work . 

                                                    any help is appreciated , even if you just give me a video explain tutorial for that kind of maps


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Hamed_Elite I believe someone will eventually help you out, but till then you should try searching for "errors". Map apparently crashes on the beginning, so problem will be probably somewhere there...

- Check if player's house is set to the one you want and that the house has enabled player control

- Check if triggers are done correctly

- Check if starting area has no mistakes in terrain or overlapping things

Hope it helps, have a good day :)

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