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hello guys i need help in my new map , i created it as a multi player mission and i set triggers and linked evey thing together including teame types, tags , scripts but no one of them works , i'm stuck i couldn't find what is wrong . i asked some good mappers about that , they gave me some solution but they didn't work , i truly can't understand why they didn't work . 

                                                    any help is appreciated , even if you just give me a video explain tutorial for that kind of maps


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Hamed_Elite I believe someone will eventually help you out, but till then you should try searching for "errors". Map apparently crashes on the beginning, so problem will be probably somewhere there...

- Check if player's house is set to the one you want and that the house has enabled player control

- Check if triggers are done correctly

- Check if starting area has no mistakes in terrain or overlapping things

Hope it helps, have a good day :)

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The reason map crash on start is a minor issue. Here I added an image for you to understand what you did wong and that is the only issue you have. Map looks great and my 1st map wasn't event close to this one you have.

Here's 2 things you'll need to know in future.

  • Don't add units already selected by specific House (THIS is the issue couses map crash at start)
  • If you want specific units of House added in map use ''Reinforce Dogs House 1'' and ''Reinforce Commando House 2'' triggers for example for 8 Houses.

From this on map will be aware that all Houses are playing and are joined the game.


Don't trash this, I have a good feeling about the result you may have here.

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