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The potential death of C&C1 via the new balance patch and Remaster...


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A new patch is coming that balances the game, potentially making it better, its a well thought out patch, that does seem to solve balance issues, it does seem to make a better game out of cnc1 however im concerned it will divide the community, an already small and fragile community.


The patch favours GDI players and punishes nod players, which is necessary as nod is probably over powered if only a bit.


Im concerned the balance will be in the favour of GDI and not even,  GDI players are already very effective, it could be a situation like with whites maps where no 1 can say they are GDI bias maps they seem pretty even but when you give a player that plays both sides like weaver the choice they will choose GDI to get the advantage on those maps, I think the same could be true of the new patch, on the surface it may seem like its balanced but in reality it may now favour GDI.


Also the other main  problem is nod players want to win and will probably have no interest in using the patch, also some players will not recognise it as the real cnc1 and will want to continue to get better at the official cnc1 not a modification of it, lastly GDI players want to win and will probably favour the new patch.


This could cause a "50 50" divide in our already small community which could be a big problem as the community is so small, some people do not get along with others e.g. pence and speedy and even that 1 minute divide is a problem for making games, because there's so few people.


Add to that the divide the remasters will cause ie we may lose some players to that , making our community even smaller , and then we may have the death of cnc1 online.


I like the idea of the patch don't get me wrong I just wanted to voice this concern just encase it actually happens. I think none of us want that, just a concern not sure if its a valid concern or not just wanted to bring it to everyone's attention 1st.......





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There are already backup plans/schemes to preserve the game in the works. People will always try to paint their stuff their own shade/colour so that is nothing new. History repeats itself and people think their version of reality is better then others.

I am for preserving the game but at the same time I am heavily waiting on the remaster because its reworked by the same people who made the original which means it may just be a more mature expression of the game made by professionals or simply just a graphics/multiplayer upgrade by professionals.

Your worries are well founded though chem.


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