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? Devs can explain this? ⚠


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This are the links to some experiments videos for discovery bugs, glitches and weird games features or maybe just fuck the logic,

i want to know what the people think about this, special game developers, clic on picture to access to the video:


My last one, was about repair bugs or glitches, chronosphere tests and hornets without aircraft carrier: 

A sniper can kill  units with a single shoot, happen the same with other units:  

Terror drone attack disabled when an unit go to Yuri's bunker, Tanya and Seal can't attack buildings in that angle: 

Many bridge experiments in the last part i just put brutes the the water but they are really not there, where they are? 

More bridge experiments and why some units can't be destroyed when you teleport them to the walls with chronospere?

Yes they are ships in a bridge!: 

I love v3 physics: 

I have to many videos of experiments, i don't want to make this post too long so if you want you can search it in my YouTube Channel


Thanks for read this post ❤️




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