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CNC sun crash


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Hey guys my game keeps crashing.

It works before I install the Funkyfr3sh patch.

But since the menus dont work I installed the patch and now as soon as its loading the first mission after the cutscene it freezes and crashes at: Creating theories on likely enemy plan...

tried re installing the game and patch but it remains the same.

Playing on windows 10

Does anybody have a fix?

Thanks in advance!


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I think the previous time we saw this it was because of a slow hard drive or a security program slowing down access to your file system. One thing you can do is not to click to type anything on the keyboard during the loading screen and just wait for it to load.

Also, make sure you don't have the game cd in your cdrom drive.

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Okay so it works now...

Its still slow mind you keeps loading for like a minute at the same point but im okay with it.

I had a trial of malware bytes installed wich i deleted, i closed all programs before starting the game to get this result.

My guess is that my pc is slow, particulary the HDD. Its an old lenovo thinkcentre with a 2nd gen i5, so its very much possible that my hdd is slow. Well tbh it just is I mean booting is slow 2.

But hey my other pc crapped out and until ive build a new one this will have to do and since its no good at gaming ill have to replay command an conquer like ive been planning for a while now.

I think that malwarebytes was just making it so slow that it made me think it was frozen.

Thanks guys the link to the other post made it very clear.

You guys are awesome!

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