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Trigger "Entered by any house". How to make. (solved)


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Please, help solve the problem.

It is necessary to create a trigger, where the event that activates the trigger should be the entering of any unit on the celltag. Since there is no "entered by any house" condition in FA2, I created a separate trigger for each house separately and linked them to each other, with reference to the same celltag.

When playing multiplayer, it works only if all players have chosen all different nations for the game. But if there are the same nations in the game, for example, 3 Americans, then the trigger works only on one player out of 3 playing for America.

Obviously, the identifier "America" can only be assigned to one player in one game, while the rest, apparently, are assigned to some other identifiers from a certain range.
If someone knows this range, please let me know, then I can create additional triggers for identifiers from this range and my idea will work.


P.S.: identifiers  4475 etc. (Player A, Player B....)  dont work.

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