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*Bzzzzt* Are you picking this up?


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*Adjusts communications array* Are you picking this up? Good!


There's been a long hole in news lately and I apologize for that; school, illness and a lot of other stuff is the reason for this lack of news.


Let's begin locally shall we


First of all I'll say that hifi has released CnCNet v3.0! I've personally not been able to test it out due to the reasons stated above but I've heard it's caught on pretty well.


Major features of 3.0

* Seamless LAN compatibility, just works

* Supports more than one player behind a single ip

* Should have somewhat better NAT workaround for 1on1 games where the other end is behind a restrictive NAT

* Newly written and clean code base

* 100% compatible with other products, VPNs and normal LAN games

* Depends only on cnc-comm.com, no need for an external server


See more on the CnCNet homepage!


There's also been some updates to the likes of cnc-ddrawbut since I've been out of the loop for so long I don't know what they are..


There seems to be activity in the Radar Dome as well a few new maps has been posted and there is some map discussion going on. I've come back to the maps in another news post.


As for other news:


An Alpha version of the Red Alert 2 Yuri's revenge mod Tiberian Sun: Rewire has been released to the public and made open source. So if you want to play around with a unstable mod, go for it!



There's been another release of a Yuri's revenge mod lately. A interesting mod called Reign of Steel has been released "as-is" due to lack of motivation by the mod creator.



Version 1.0 of the Red Alert 3 mod "The Red Alert" has been released.


The trailer says pretty much everything...

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


Go download it over at CnC Labs


If I missed anything please go rage in the news thread thank you. :)

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