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  1. good look on that nyerguds, and if someone told me how to do it i host cncnet as my pcs allways online.
  2. its cause im super-evil! lol actually i didnt remove the icons, a majour windows 7 bug there so they all dissapeared! im making a new map, currently called nods base(ill get a better one, but open to opinion) its where you have to setup a base and stop nods nuke convoy so the cant nuke gdi HQ for africa. need help with the AI and would like suggestions, ill post a pic up soon.
  3. i know this is off topic, but LOL on the main page. my desktop:
  4. hehe... im back to school and my farmings all done... so welcome me back too guys
  5. i really want to know how to make pics of maps in the xcc editor.
  6. well, thats for sure! and also, i know a bit about, hmm, mapping?(besides triggers and teamtypes)
  7. well, since it feals so much like the cnc campaign already, i suppose they are at the perfect difficulty, its just that the first cnc missions were more for training, and had little story, "nod has secured a beachead here and you must recapture it, this is mostly grunt work, altough we will allow a gunboat for this mission" and that was almost the only mssion of 4/5 that you get them on your side. still tough, good work! :whenitsdone:
  8. avatar stealer, anyways, its an excellent map, and gave me the idea of an co-op map, ai vs YOU! thx for the map, the idea, and for stealing my avatar
  9. wot es et nyerguds? de spuuling es perfekt ere, nu un es spulling nuthin wong!
  10. when you were 8? i played it when i was 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14 i wouldnt worry, with guys like N3t and Nyerguds i would be surprised if the games came close to being forgotton, thats what this site ia also for!
  11. you are welcome, n3trunn3r! i liked playing them, but a note to those who get a mcv first: build a barracks asap and flamers or grenadiers to kill the enemy and stop them from getting a mcv! :laugh:
  12. well, i looked, and i see one devils tounge, another tank i dont know, and i presume the one underground is also a devils tounge.(i think i spelt that wrong) and one light infantry. EDIT:the one i dont know is circled red
  13. well, the scrinship looks hard, do you plan on using it in a single player mode? the others, i could do, but itd take a while, i would find it easier to just edit the current radar to make the adv. one, but ill do my best!(i assume the radar one isnt big enough for it)
  14. a wolverine? i say so because it has the infantry sounds.
  15. :ranting: :ranting: :ranting: i just got €50! and this off topic, AGAIN! thanks for feedback, its so close to finishing... darn it, no easy way to learn how to make buttons work... must read over and over again... still no sense... i dont want a message... open application... beam me up, god! XD :rolf: :mammoth: (EDIT: believe it or not, i posted this at 1 or 2AM last night, so dont question my sanity. i could barely keep my eyes open...
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