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Community Answers

  1. And guess what? I'm the only one there. :)

  2. And guess what? I'm the only one there. :)

  3. 100.00 - I'm at the flag pole Sir. o7

  4. If you suspect someone of cheating, please record it and send it to me. Thank you!
  5. Hi Aireun, This is a known issue that is being worked on! Hold tight, -Chief
  6. You really think this is appropriate? Not to mention that this is your first post and you've also bumped close to a 4 year old topic. This behavior is not welcome here. I'll keep your post up just to show others on how to not act. This topic is now locked.
  7. I suppose someone could throw down a Barracks/HoN there to fight. Other than that. Not sure. I could edit it and make it worth while to capture.
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