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  1. I suppose someone could throw down a Barracks/HoN there to fight. Other than that. Not sure. I could edit it and make it worth while to capture.
  2. @X3M https://cncnet.org/status Looks like we hit a high of 1259 on the weekend.
  3. I logged in this morning and I saw a high of 1046 concurrent users online!
  4. Edited! Here's the official version of the latest! Ferret_Official_Map.zip
  5. I'm looking forward to the new matchmaking system! Tiberian Dawn finally got spectator mode too! Yes!
  6. Here's an edit of Terminal City. Download and open the .ZIP file and extract both the .INI file and the .BIN file into your maps folder! ferret_terminalcity.zip
  7. For those who are curious on how this map plays, it plays extremely well; especially on the 2v2 version! @Lovehandles has some games uploaded on his YouTube channel. Check it out!
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