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  1. The problem wasn't with embedding, it's with making a URL point to a specific time in the video. You can see in my previous post that although the URL looks like




    it actually points to




    if you click on it. The parser omits the #t fragment for whatever reason, and YouTube ignores the =357s pointer without it, so you'll always get to the beginning of the video instead of the 5 m 57 s mark. This is the reason I said copy-paste the link, not because of embedding issues.


    As for youtu.be share links, I haven't figured out how you put the time mark into 'em.

  2. I watched more of the gameplay vids by that user, dunno how it plays but it sure looks awesome. All items, buildings, vehicles and terrain are done incredibly well.


    There's a probably even more epic cutscene further on, I won't spoil it for ya if you haven't seen it yet :)




    For some reason, the URL parser here ignores the tag needed to jump to the time when the cutscene begins and always takes you to the beginning of the video, so you'll just have to copy-paste the link manually.



  3. BTW, have you played Renegade X? If so, did you like it? I've watched a couple of videos (my machine won't run the game itself), and TBH I'm generally undecided. It looks and most probably plays very different from the original game. It may be good, but may be not as much. The mix of original voice acting with something new from the dev team also makes a weird impressions sometimes. But at any rate, Renegade X looks like a very professionally done game, and for that alone the team behind it deserves the praise IMO.

  4. BTW, Nyer, do you have a list of all official trailers for Command & Conquer and Red Alert? Were they only published with Westwood's releases, or also made available through other means (magazine coverdisks etc.)? What about TV commercials? Maybe some gameplay footage that somehow got into possession of a TV channel and was used in a programme (other than a commercial, that is :))?

  5. Yeah. It's quite far to the front, but it's really like that in the pic. C&C has offset correction on the MHQ turret, but RA doesn't have that on its MRJ, so I blame that :P


    For the Tesla Tank they got around this by actually rendering the vehicle's frames so it rotates with the back of the vehicle as center.

    What if you make a single sprite with both the body and the turret? Not that it really rotates or anything. Or is it animated?


    On another note, I think it would be really cool if this restored version were used in the Counterstrike Legacy of Tesla mission :) (IIRC it is possible to change unit graphics for a single mission by adding the Image= tag to the unit data inside the scenario INI)

  6. I've just noticed the (more-or-less recent) news at the 7kfans website that the team has been able to negotiate the issue around the soundtrack for the game which, until recently, was not available for free distribution:

    7KAA Music Now Available


    December 4th, 2011 the3dfxdude  Posted in Seven Kingdoms | 1 Comment »


    Thanks to Bjorn Lynne’s generous offer, we worked out the details, and now have the music freely available for use with the game again. I hope all of you can support him in his latest work where possible.


    And those who have asked in the past, and got turned down, thank you for your patience. We really wanted to work this out properly, that is why we always had tough responses.


    Please note that the music is NOT GPL or public domain. The music may not be modified or re-recorded. It can only be used as intended with the game.


    Here you may download the music, that can then be applied to your GPL version of the game. In the future, we will offer complete downloadable packages. Note that some linux distributions might choose not to include the music, so you may still get the music here if that is the case.


    Download 7KAA Music (.zip) (.bz2)

  7. This was originally posted at Abandonia Forums. Personally I've never heard of this game before, but it must have been quite popular. Looks rather fine too :) It was released as freeware by the developer in 2008.

    Realmz: "Abandoned Freeware" RPG


    Well this is most peculiar case.


    Realmz is indie Mac/Windows RPG from 1994, with official scenarios/expansions being released up to 2002.


    It was developed by a guy called Tim Phillips and published through his company Fantasoft.

    (He also published some games for other Mac Indie Developers, including the original Exile Trilogy by Jeff Vogel.)


    In November 2008, Tim Phillips released the full version of Realmz (Mac & Windows) as a free download. Plus the registration numbers for the commercial scenarios/expansions made available to everyone on the Realmz Yahoo Group.


    However, Fantasoft's website has since expired.



    Realmz Wiki Page

    Fantasoft Website (Expired)

    Archive of the Site

    The official website is down but has a functional mirror, which can be found here. The links at the downloads page there are broken though because they still point to the old website, but the files are present on the site. The correct links are as follows:


    Realmz v7.1.2 Demo for Windows

    Realmz v7.1.2 Demo for MacOS

    Windows version registration codes

    MacOS version registration codes

    Realmz Version 7.x.x to 7.1.2 Update for Windows

    Realmz Version 7.x.x to 7.1.2 Update for MacOS

    Realmz Version 7.1.2 to 8.0.7 Update for MacOS

  8. Yeah, I guess I should have read that manual more carefully :laugh: But I was so glad to finally change from the old CRT monitor (which started to flicker often as it got older) that I didn't pay much attention to details back then :)

  9. Oh, perhaps you'd explain something to me in this respect? (Sorry for [possibly] going off-topic here!) I'm a little bit confused because I get different results with two different LCD displays, one on a desktop machine which produces the uneven pixels in the 640x400 resolution, and also has trouble with fullresolution=original in DOSBox (let's call it display X for simplicity's sake). The other is on a laptop computer, and it produces a somewhat blurred but otherwise flawless image in C&C95's 640x400 mode (referred to as display Y further on).


    The tricky part that I find puzzling is as follows: display X flawlessly renders the fullscreen mode of FAR Manager in 25 lines DOS screen, while display Y produces visibly uneven pixels. Also, display Y gets the uneven pixels problem if it runs a game in 640x480 or 800x600 modes (I noticed it with Serious Sam). Not sure if this is relevant, but display X has a max resolution of 1280x1024, and display Y is limited to 1024x768 (but this is also related to the video card's memory capacity, or is it not?).


    Sorry for asking a noobish question here, but I'm really a bit at loss here, and the entire problem is more or less related to the main topic at hand :)

  10. The 1.06c r2 installer enables the Aspect Ratio option by default, giving 1024x640 stretched to 1024x768. Not entirely sure what to do with that for r3, though. I've considered simply making it unchecked by default, but at this moment, the option is unchanged from r2.

    Awesome, I'll check it out ASAP ^_^


    BTW, since I haven't been able to find that old fix that seemed to stretch the screen in the 640x480 setting, any idea what it could have been? I think I've only tested that one on a different PC that handles the original 640x400 mode quite well, so I guess that maybe the "fix" simply made the game ignore the difference between the two settings (out of mistake? - not sure though). All the old fixes I've checked out so far (most of them from your site, of course) produce the original 640x480 unstretched look.

  11. Maybe this is a bit off-topic, but may I ask if the latest build of your patch (haven't checked it out yet, sorry!) stretches the screen if you set the game to 640x480 or not? Recently I've read this little article and have become concerned about aspect correction in C&C. It seems to me that the graphics indeed look better/more natural when stretched, even though the high-res sidebar images (e.g. the side logos) were seemingly made without regard to aspect correction, as they look somewhat stretched out of proportion in 640x400 mode. By contrast, the DOS version logos were very obviously made to look proportional with aspect correction, the GDI logo is visibly not perfectly round on uncorrected images. What's your opinion on this subject?


    On another note, I vaguely remember some old fix that, unless I'm completely mistaken, did perform aspect correction in 640x480 mode. I'm not sure since I can't find it among the old fixes that I've got, perhaps I dismissed it back then 'cause I was more inclined to play in the default uncorrected 640x480 mode.


    You could say that 640x400 and 640x480 /w aspect correction look the same, but either the video card or the LCD display on my machine makes the 640x400 version look clamped, blocky and badly proportioned (pixels having different width and/or height). I've had similar issues with it with DOSBox when running 320x200 games with fullresolution=original and aspect=false; changing the settings to fullresolution=640x480 and aspect=true helped fix it.

  12. Have someone (with some reputation of being a hardcore C&C fan) ever tried to contact the people of the late Westwood studios and ask them about beta cutscene material? Since C&C is freeware now and some new material came up on the First Decade Disc (Temple cutscene), which was released 2006. There might be a chance that some of them have copies of the material or at least some information about trailer or sampler cds. Even if it's a small straw and the chances are slim it's at least an idea. I doubt that I or someone else will find such a rare material in the near future  :)

    Personally I'm unaware of any such attempts, I'm afraid there were too many "opportunities" for the old materials to get lost, unless someone of the employees had enough foresight to archive whatever they could. I wish there were more people like Joe Siegler of Apogee/3D Realms who'd be both enthusiastic and responsible about their home company's/studio's legacy.

  13. Great find, the sniper alley cutscene in its entirety! :D (sans sound, however). I also wonder what Kane is angry at in the briefing cutscene - I'm sure his speech was of the Large Ham variety ^_^


    BTW, notice how Kane is actually very calm usually in the full version's briefings. Even when talking with scorn, it's more of a cold through the teeth speech filled with resentment, rather than the shouting and waving of hands as seen in this beta cutscene :) I think his calm demeanor does add to the character, as he shows that he's above the minor setbacks he might have, and has confidence in his plans.


    I wonder what the "liquid Terminator" sequence with the Apache was all about :huh:


    Most other scenes are rather familiar, and the flak APC one is even in the game files.


    BTW, I also remember another trailer (not sure if it was the original or a reconstruction) where the interior of the Temple of Nod was shown briefly, with screens on the sides and also bald-headed acolytes (?) standing in alcoves.

  14. MicroProse Archive at GameFront

    Apparently, this is a mirror of the official MicroProse file archive. Playable game demos, previews, patches and related files can be found here.

    All the files have gone missing for whatever reason :( An archived copy of the MicroProse FTP can be found via the Wayback Machine:



    However, not all files are available - hopefully this is fixed sometime in the future.


    El Zee's Amulets & Armor Forum

    A fan forum for discussing Amulets and Armor, a first-person action/RPG game that runs on the Doom engine.

    The forum can be now found here:


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